Imply lets you take multiple views and put them into a dashboard, regardless of which data cubes they come from. Dashboards allow you to position and size the individual views as you desire. They are useful when you need to see all the data nicely on a single screen, or create effective and focused overviews for your team.


You can add a filter to an interactive collection by clicking on the + button in the filter bar.

Dashboard filter add

You can also click on visualizations and have that filter applied to all other views (as long as they share the filtered dimension).

Dashboard interactive animated

Export dashboard

You can export a dashboard as a json object in the general tab of edit dashboard. Clicking the export button will automatically download the file. cube view edit and export

Import dashboard

You can import a dashboard in the advanced tab of general settings.

cube view import

Under bulk import/export clicking on the import dashboard button will open a dialog where you can paste a dashboard json object. You will not be able to submit the dashboard unless it is a valid dashboard object. To see the newly imported dashboard refresh the page an go back to the visuals view.

cube view import




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Special UI Features

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