Imply on-prem overview

The documentation in this section describes how to deploy Imply as a standalone package in on-prem or non-AWS cloud environments. For AWS deployments, we strongly recommend that you use Imply Cloud.

The easiest way to evaluate Imply as standalone software is to install it on a single machine using the quickstart.

For on-prem installations, Imply bundles Druid and Pivot in a single, easy-to-install package. It can be run in any configuration supported by the underlying components.

Imply compared to Apache Druid

Using Imply offers many advantages over using Apache Druid alone, including:

It is easy to migrate to and from Apache Druid and the Imply distribution.

Imply supported environments

The following are the requirements for the Pivot and Druid operating environments. Individual Imply features may have additional requirements as specified in the documentation for that feature.

Pivot UI browser support

The Pivot UI is an HTML-based browser application that is supported on the most recent two major versions of the following browsers:

Druid requirements

For small scale evaluation and learning environments, Druid can run on a laptop running MacOS. For production deployments, however, we recommend:

For machine requirements, see Single server deployment or Cluster deployment in the Druid documentation.




Manage Data

Query Data



Special UI Features

Imply Manager