Data export

Pivot offers functionality to export the data in the currently selected view.

All data export actions require the user to have the DownloadData permission.

Exporting aggregated data

You can export the aggregated data as a CSV, TSV, JSON, or XLSX (Excel) file from the data cube view. Use the download button on the header bar as shown below.

Download modal

From the download modal it is possible to select the number of rows to be returned, as determined by the permissions and configuration of the data cube. See Configuring download limits for more info.

Exporting raw data

You can also export the raw data for the selected filter by selecting View raw data in the options menu and clicking Download:

Raw data modal

Configuring download limits

When running a multi-tenant application it is important to configure the limits placed on downloads to balance the users need to export a lot of data and the stability of the cluster.

Configuring aggregated data download limits

There are two algorithms used by Pivot to download aggregated data:

  1. an iterative query method that is fast and places little load on the cluster but can only be used on a small (no more than 5k) number of results
  2. a streaming group by method that is slower and uses more resources, but can work with large numbers of results

Since the second method places more load on the cluster it is not always available to users based on the time range that the user has selected and the permissions that the user possess. Specifically the user must have the DownloadLargeData permission and be selecting a smaller time range than what is defined in the data cube options (JSON) as largeDownloadInterval, which defaults to P1M (1 month).

So if you wanted to enable your users to download over 5k rows for a specific data cube for up to 2 years of data you would give them the DownloadLargeData permission and set "largeDownloadInterval": "P2Y" in the data cube options (JSON) in the Advanced tab.

Lastly you can also set maxDownloadLimit (default: none) on a per data cube level to specify an absolute maximum number of rows that can be exported.

Configuring raw data download limits

You can configure the amount of data that gets exported when the user downloads raw data from the raw data view by setting rawDownloadLimit in the data cube options (JSON), which defaults to 10000.





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