Managing dashboards

Let's look at how to manage dashboards.

Composing dashboards

Dashboards are built up one view at a time.

There are three ways of adding a view to a dashboard:

1. By dragging in an empty space to create a new tile

Dashboard new tile

2. By clicking on the + button in the dashboard header bar and selecting a data cube to add from

Dashboard add menu

3. By clicking on the Add to new dashboard button from the data cube's header bar and selecting which dashboard to add to

cube view add to dashboard menu

Editing dashboards

Dashboards can be edited by clicking on the pencil icon in the header. This will put the dashboard in edit mode, where you can re-arrange, delete, and rename the views.

Dashboard edit

Clicking Dashboard options in the header bar will give you access to options for the dashboard itself. This is where you can change the dashboard's sharing permissions.

Dashboard edit options





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