Release notes

Imply 2.9.3 includes the following packages:

Imply UI evaluation

The Imply download includes a 30 day trial evaluation of Imply UI. Full licenses are included with Imply subscriptions — contact us to learn more!

Upgrading from previous releases

When upgrading from earlier Imply 2.x releases, please review the "Updating from 0.13.0 and earlier" section of the Druid release notes at:

Changes in 2.9.0

This Imply release is based on Druid 0.13.0-incubating-iap1. Release notes for Druid 0.13.0 can be found at: In addition, this version adds the following Druid patches:

Changes in 2.9.1

Druid changes

Imply UI changes

Changes in 2.9.2

Druid changes

Changes in 2.9.3

Imply UI changes



Manage Data

Query Data