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About preview features

Imply Long Term Support (LTS) releases and Short Term Support (STS) releases include preview features that are at one of two possible lifecycle stages:

  • Alpha: An alpha feature may include major bugs or performance issues. It may also be otherwise feature-limited. Alpha features are not ready for production use, but are instead suitable for feature previews and learning environments.

    Alpha features may be subject to significant changes or removal without prior notice.

  • Beta: Beta features should be suitable for production scenarios. However, you should only enable a beta feature after testing in a staging environment. When you feel comfortable to move to production, enable beta features in closely monitored scenarios.

Imply Druid preview features

For preview Imply Druid features, refer to individual feature documentation for instructions to enable the feature.

Alpha features:

Beta features:

Pivot preview features

Preview features can be individually enabled or disabled in the Pivot UI. See Feature flags for more information.

Preview features in Pivot: