Release notes

Imply 3.0.14 includes the following packages:

Pivot evaluation

The Imply download includes a 30 day trial evaluation of Pivot. Full licenses are included with Imply subscriptions — contact us to learn more!

New Druid features

This Imply release is based on Apache Druid 0.15.0-incubating. For a list of all changes in Druid 0.15, check out the Apache Druid 0.15.0 release notes. Major new functionality includes:

In addition, Imply 3.0 adds additional functionality and fixes that have become available since Druid 0.15 was released. For a full list of these patches, see "Changes in 3.0.0" → "Druid changes" below. Major additional functionality available in the Imply 3.0 distribution of Druid 0.15 includes:

This additional functionality has also been contributed upstream and will appear in a future Apache Druid release.

Upgrading from previous releases

If you are upgrading from a previous Imply release, please take note of the following sections.

Druid upgrade notes

When upgrading from Imply 2.9.x, which is based on Apache Druid 0.14.0, please take note of the items in the "Updating from 0.14.0 and earlier" section of the Druid release notes at: You may need to take these items into consideration if they are relevant for your deployment.

In summary:

If you are updating from Imply 2.8.x or earlier, please refer to release notes for the intervening versions as well.

Pivot upgrade notes

Starting in Imply 3.0, the application formerly named "Imply UI" is now named "Pivot". The Pivot binary has changed name from imply-ui to pivot. An alias exists for backwards compatibility, but the process will show up in ps or top as "pivot".

If you had previously customized the brute force limits section of your security policy, you will need to set those values again upon upgrading to versions between 3.0.0 and 3.0.12 as the values are not properly preserved. This issue is fixed in 3.0.13.

Data tab functionality moved into the Druid console

The "Data" tab of Pivot has been dramatically reduced. All functionality related to manipulating the data in Druid has moved into the Druid console.

The Druid console in turn can now be accessed from Pivot. Access to the Druid console is controlled by the ManageDatasets permission.

The Druid console is hosted by the Druid Router. For Druid console integration to work in Pivot, the Pivot connection must point at the Router at xxx:8888 instead of the Broker at xxx:8082. You can make this change before upgrading to ensure a seamless transition.

Rolling updates for Pivot

Due to server-side API changes, seamless rolling upgrades of Pivot clusters are only supported from 2.x to 3.0 when coming from 2.9.18 and later, and only if your 2.9.18+ and your 3.x version of Pivot have both been configured to use the ZooKeeper-based routing protocol for seamless rolling updates (see ZooKeeper requirement below).

You can use any one of these mechanisms to update Pivot from 2.x to 3.0:

  1. Update with downtime (shut down all Pivot 2.x servers, upgrade them to 3.0, and restart them).
  2. Do a rolling update to Pivot 2.9.18 first, configure it to use ZooKeeper, and then do another rolling update to 3.0.

If you chose to do a rolling update the Druid console will not work well during the rolling update when proxied via Pivot.

Note that Druid rolling updates work as normal from 2.9.x to 3.0, but see the section "Druid upgrade notes" above for items that you may need to keep in mind.

Configuration property changes

readOnly - The readOnly config is no longer supported, and if it is set to true, Pivot will not start. Equivalent functionality can be achieved by granting only read permissions to your users.

purePivot - The purePivot config has been removed. Similar functionality can be achieved by granting only AccessVisuals permission.

settingsLocation - If you have a settingsLocation pointed to a MySQL cluster it will no longer be auto migrated to a stateStore.

sessionStore - The sessionStore property used to be mandatory now the stateStore will be used for storing sessions resulting in simpler configs.

servingMode - The servingMode property, possible values: single, clustered (default)

ZooKeeper requirement

A ZooKeeper connection is now required for two Pivot features when running in clustered mode (servingMode: clustered):

The ZooKeeper quorum should be provided through the zookeeperConnection property. Additionally, for inter-Pivot routing to work, the Pivot servers must be able to contact each other on their HTTP serving ports, and their hostnames must either be routable or overridden via the ownHostname property. See the Pivot configuration page for details.

We recommend using the same ZooKeeper quorum that you are using for Druid.

License key changes

Starting in Imply 3.0, a new license key format is supported that unlocks additional features. Older keys valid for Imply 2.x will continue to work with Imply 3.0, but may not unlock all available features. Contact your Imply representative for details.


Starting with Imply 3.0, Tranquility is in maintenance mode. We are continuing to bundle and support Tranquility, but we recommend using Druid's native Kafka or Kinesis ingestion instead.

Changes in 3.0.0

Druid changes

This Imply release is based on Apache Druid 0.15.0-incubating. Release notes for Druid 0.15.0-incubating can be found at: In addition, this version adds the following patches:

Pivot changes

Changes in 3.0.1

Pivot changes

Changes in 3.0.2

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Changes in 3.0.3

Druid changes

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Changes in 3.0.4

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Changes in 3.0.5

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Changes in 3.0.6

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Changes in 3.0.7

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Changes in 3.0.8

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Changes in 3.0.9

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Changes in 3.0.10

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Changes in 3.0.11

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Changes in 3.0.12

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Changes in 3.0.14

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