Imply On-Premise overview

The documentation in this section describe how to deploy Imply as a standalone package in on-premise or non-AWS cloud environments. For AWS deployments, we strongly recommend that you use Imply Cloud.

The easiest way to evaluate Imply as standalone software is to install it on a single machine using the quickstart.

For on-premise installations, Imply bundles Druid, Pivot, PlyQL, and Plywood in a single, easy-to-install package. It can be run in any configuration supported by the underlying components.

For more about the software components included in the package, please see here

Imply compared to stock Druid

Installing Imply on-premise offers several advantages over stock Druid:

  • Imply includes a tested, stable release of Druid.
  • Imply includes startup scripts to easily start up servers and ingest data.
  • Imply includes Pivot, an interactive UI for exploring data.
  • Imply packaging enables less resources to be used for POCs and small production deployments.

It is easy to migrate to and from stock Druid and the Imply distribution.