Migrate to Imply

Imply includes a tested, stable version of open source Druid. We are committed to developing open source Druid. If you have an existing Druid cluster, it's easy to migrate to and from Imply.

How to migrate

If you are happy with how your Druid services are currently configured, you can deploy the Imply distribution in the same configuration with minimal changes.

  • First, ensure the version of Druid you've deployed matches the version of Druid included in the Imply distribution.
  • Replace or augment your Druid Brokers with Query servers, which run a Druid Broker as well as Imply Pivot.
  • Update all of your other Druid nodes to run out of the Imply distribution, continuing to use your existing configurations.

If you additionally want to combine your existing Druid Coordinators and Druid Overlords into Master servers,

  • Configure a Master server using your existing configurations.
  • Deploy new Master servers with the command bin/supervise -c conf/supervise/master-without-zk.conf. These new Master servers will connect to your existing ZooKeeper and metadata store. We recommend running with two Master servers to support failover.
  • You can now stop your pre-existing Druid Coordinators and Druid Overlords.