Cluster API

A cluster defines a Druid cluster or other database to which to connect to.

Common properties

A cluster has the following properties:

# name (string)

The name of the cluster (to be referenced later from the data cube)

# type ('druid' | 'druidsql' | 'mysql' | 'postgres')

The database type of the cluster

# host (string)

The host (hostname:port) of the cluster. In the Druid case this must be the broker.

# version (string)

The explicit version to use for this cluster. Define this to override the automatic version detection.

# timeout (number)

The timeout to set on the queries in ms. Default: 40000

# sourceListScan ('disable' | 'auto')

Should the sources of this cluster be automatically scanned and new sources added as data cubes. Default: 'auto'

Druid specific

# introspectionStrategy (string)

The introspection strategy for the Druid external.

# decorator (string)

The request decorator module filepath to load.

# decoratorOptions (object)

Options passed to the request decorator module

Postgres + MySQL specific

# database (string)

The database to which to connect to.

# user (string)

The user to connect as. This user needs no permissions other than SELECT.

# password (string)

The password to use with the provided user.