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Microsoft Azure

To use this Apache Druid extension, include druid-azure-extensions in the extensions load list.

Deep Storage‚Äč

Microsoft Azure Storage is another option for deep storage. This requires some additional Druid configuration.

PropertyDescriptionPossible ValuesDefault be set. Storage account name.Must be set. Storage account key.Optional. Set one of key, sharedAccessStorageToken or useAzureCredentialsChain. Shared Storage access tokenOptional. Set one of key, sharedAccessStorageToken or useAzureCredentialsChain.. DefaultAzureCredential for authenticationOptional. Set one of key, sharedAccessStorageToken or useAzureCredentialsChain.False you want to use managed identity authentication in the DefaultAzureCredential, useAzureCredentialsChain must be true.Optional. Storage container name.Must be set. prefix string that will be prepended to the blob names for the segments published to Azure deep storage"" protocol to usehttp or httpshttps of tries before canceling an Azure operation.3 number of input files matching a given prefix to retrieve at a time1024 endpoint suffix to use. Use this config instead of Override the default value to connect to Azure Government. This config supports storage accounts enabled for AzureDNSZone. Note: do not include the storage account name prefix in this config value.Examples:,

See Azure Services for more information.