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Feature Flags

As described in Preview features, Imply makes certain features available before they have reached general availability status. As a Pivot administrator, you can control which of those features are available to users in Pivot.

You can control availability for each feature individually. You can also set a minimum maturity level (alpha or beta) for the features that are available to be enabled.

Enabling feature flags

To enable preview features, follow these steps:

  1. As a Pivot user with ChangeFeatureFlags permission, access Pivot settings by clicking your profile icon at the top right of the UI and then Settings.
  2. Click the Feature flags tab.
  3. On the Feature flags page, toggle individual features that you want to enable and click Save.

You can cancel changes before saving by clicking Reset.

Setting minimum feature level

By default, both alpha and beta features appear on the Feature flags tab. In on-prem Pivot, you can change this behavior using the featureFlagsAvailabilityThreshold Pivot configuration settings. For example:

featureFlagsAvailabilityThreshold: "beta"

Possible values are:

  • alpha: Alpha- and beta-level features are available to be enabled.
  • beta: Only beta-level features are available to be enabled.
  • none: No preview features are available to be enabled in the Feature flags tab.

See Pivot server config for more information about configuring Pivot settings.

Enable features by default

By default, preview features are disabled and therefore unavailable to Pivot users.

For on-prem Pivot, you can have the features enabled by default instead by setting featureFlagsDefault to enabled in the Pivot server configuration.

Pivot administrators can still disable individual features in the Feature flags tab.