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Monitoring overview

You can check the Imply Polaris status page to learn about region-specific outages that might affect Polaris services and APIs. You can subscribe to updates and view the incident history.

Within Polaris, metrics measure query performance and event stream ingestion over time. Monitor your metrics to derive actionable insights into the health of your Polaris projects and proactively address any warning signs.

Polaris includes built-in and API solutions for monitoring performance metrics.

Built-in monitoring

You can use the built-in data cubes and dashboards to monitor query performance and event stream ingestion in the Polaris UI. For an overview of the monitoring capabilities available in the Polaris UI, see Use dashboards to monitor Polaris.

The following screenshot shows the Detailed metrics data cube built into the UI: Detailed metrics data cube

Metrics export API

You can configure your existing third-party monitoring service to scrape the /v1/metrics/export endpoint to collect metrics about your Polaris project. Polaris exposes metrics in the OpenMetrics format. For information on how to import metrics into third-party monitoring systems, see Monitor performance metrics.

Learn more

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