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Analytics overview

The Quickstart introduces you to visualization features in Imply Polaris. If you are new to Polaris, we recommend you begin there. This topic takes a deeper look at the visualization features, including data cubes and dashboards.

Polaris democratizes data analytics, giving anyone in an organization the ability to explore and analyze data with visually rich, easy-to-use tools. These tools include dashboards, query builders, and data cubes, such as the following data cube:


Data cubes provide a framework for users to explore data. Typically, someone in the organization with substantial knowledge of the data set, such as a data analyst, sets up the data cubes and dashboards.

Data analysts should ensure that the underlying queries that compose the data cube yield results relevant to the organization use cases. Data cubes also form the basis for dashboards. So similarly, when designing a set of data cubes, data managers should take into consideration the types of dashboards data users will use. While data cubes provide an exploratory interface for a data set, dashboards provide a high-level, comprehensive view of the state of the data.

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